How to get your Splits for Dancers

Getting into your splits for dance is important because it is a big step in maintaining your flexibility for all other dance positions!  You will use your splits in everything you do in dance class from holding that perfect arabesque, to leaping across the dance floor!

Here are the top 5 ways to help you get into your splits:

  1. Stretch!  It sounds way to obvious but it is so important to make sure you are stretching everyday, no matter what age you are.  Even if it is for 10 minutes or less, get yourself on the ground and connect with gravity and your body.  You will find that within the first 10 minutes you will feel a better connection to your body and therefore mind, to help you feel more centered and focused on your goals.  Make sure you are stretching your lunges if you are trying to get full splits on the right or left side.Journey-to-Splits-Square2. Wear Sweat Pants or Warm ups!  During winter it is extremely important to keep your muscles warm to help prevent injury.  Arrive to dance class wearing your sweatpants and wear them until after stretching is done.  If your muscles are warm you will have fresh blood and oxygen so you are better able to move and focus on your flexibility and stretchingUnknown-13. Wall Stretch: Get down on the floor, it is best to use gravity to assist you in stretching.  Get close to the wall and open your legs to your best center splits.  Perform this stretch for 5 minutes if you can handle it.  Point and stretch your legs and the flex your feet and bend your knees every 30 seconds to push you further into the splits.  This will help a lot to get you deeper into your center splits.  Carefully come out of the stretch and try you center splits in the center of the room.  See if it worked!

Unknown4. Drink a lot of water: This will help you with everything in your life.  The body is made up of primarily water, so it is important to maintain this level in the body so you are not dehydrated and so you can flush out the toxins in your muscles.  Here is more information: Water and Flexibility Article


5. Eat Salmon or Take Fish Oil: I don’t recommend children take fish oil, however, eating healthy omega-3 can help joint flexibility and overall connectiveness of the body.  If you don’t believe me try it for yourself or check out this article: Fish Oil and Flexibility


See you in the dance studio!

-Miss Carolyn



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